Floe is working with PhET to improve the accessibility of their interactive simulations, improving designs for accessibility.
Outside-IN provides individualized youth training and mentorship programs. Floe is working with Outside-IN, creating tools to support youth engagement.
Raising the Floor
The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII), a project of Raising the Floor, is building upon the foundation of Learner Options to create preference editing tools. This global project makes extensive use of Fluid Infusion.
Prosperity4All Developer Space
Floe is working with the GPII on the development of the Prosperity4All Developer Space (D-Space), which will support developers in finding, using, and contributing to inclusive software development.
OER Commons
OER Commons has integrated Learner Options across their entire site and has also integrated the Floe designs for content authoring in Open Author.
OERPUB is using the Floe Video Player and Metadata Author to create rich, customizable learning content.
Open Courseware Consortium

Learner Options WordPress Plugin

March 26, 2015

A WordPress plugin is now available for Learner Options. The plugin adds the Learner Options component to any WordPress site, allowing visitors to adjust things like text size, text style, contrast, and line spacing.

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